Volunteer at the Succulent Garden

Gardening is its own joy, and the Guadalupe River Park Succulent Garden has lots of opportunities for volunteers to experience that joy. Volunteer opportunities fall into 3 main categories:

  • Development: Development days are big project days for the Succulent Garden, and include preparing beds for new members, collecting donated specimens for display, or creating temporary shade structures for sensitive sections. These days are a great opportunity to learn the fundamentals of growing succulents and be a part of building the garden.
  • Care: The member-beds and the display garden require regular care and maintenance to thrive. On Care days volunteers may do a wide range of tasks, depending on the time of year and need, from collecting pups and leaves for propagation to re working damaged sections of the garden. If you are interested in learning more about the garden before becoming a member, Care days are an opportunity to see what this succulent craze is all about.
  • Organization: Sometimes gardening means getting your hands dirty away from the soil.

Organization days are non-gardening volunteer opportunities, such as community outreach events, member services work, or even fundraising. These are opportunities for the garden’s biggest supporters to help in critical ways.