Claim a Bed in the Succulent Garden

The Guadalupe River Park Succulent Garden gives San Jose residents a space to let their succulent madness run wild. The heart of the garden is large concrete member-run beds along the riverfront. Each bed is claimed by individual or groups of gardeners to grow and propagate succulents to their own succulent vision. Members can bring succulents from their home gardens, or staff can help new growers order through local wholesalers to get started.

Membership is annual and costs $100 to claim the bed for the year. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis by staff and volunteers of the Guadalupe River Park Conservancy. Applicants must provide contact information for all group members, a short description of their experience with succulents and what they hope to accomplish growing in the garden. The bed is officially claimed for the year once the $100 annual fee has been received.

If you have questions about membership in the garden, please reach out to [email protected] Or if you are already dreaming about the succulents you will grow, fill out the application below.